The departure

Today, I start this new challenge: Write a part of my life every Tuesday.

This year, I have the purpose to do things more mindfully so I tried to put this in action wherever I can.

Last night, I had my first zoom at the Institute. I teach at a “Higher Normal School”, it is a century-old institution dedicated to the training of Primary teachers. In my course (Spanish as Language Arts), I plan a literary itinerary about travel. Yesterday, I tried some writing guidelines in distance learning. Although I think they need some adjustment, I am very proud to have tried it.

And the journey has begun!

I share with you one of the writing prompts * (we call them “consignas de escritura”).

This is a video with some images I gathered about the topic. After watching it a few times, I told my students to write what they perceive and feel about them and then try to rearrange those notes in this structure:

On the roads of the world

The roads of the world are infinite …

There are…

There are…

There are…

Some super interesting productions came out!! And we are sharing them in a Padlet.

* I thank Martín Broide for these writing ideas.

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I´m a teaching professor and a literacy specialist in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2 comentarios sobre “The departure

  1. What a beautiful way to spark writing! The images are gorgeous, and I love the idea of having the students first write what they notice and feel, and then to deepen and organize those thoughts by following the structure you gave them. An incredible assignment! Also thank you for sharing what you call writing prompts, because I was never sure what to call them in Spanish! 🙂

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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