Beatrix Potter

I’ve been working all day on the translation of this lovely author. I love her very much and now I have de opportunity to work in a spanish edition of some of her stories. Today, Jemima Paddle Duck lived with me in my living room. I hope he felt comfortable there and be able to hatch her eggs!! 🙂

She set off on a fine spring afternoon along the cart-road that leads over the hill.

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I´m a teaching professor and a literacy specialist in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2 comentarios sobre “Beatrix Potter

  1. This is exciting, translating from one language to another. It is an art to f St o it well. I remember reading years ago that Gabriel Garcia Marquez once said One Hundred Years of Solitude was better in English than Spanish, which is hard to imagine given hoe beautiful Spanish is.?

    Me gusta

  2. This post reminds me of the Jemina Duck dishes we have from my late mother-in-law. She gifted it to our son many years ago. I was not familiar with this character at the time, but now I cherish this reminder of her. So wonderful that you translated it for others to enjoy. Sounds like Jemina is not the only one who felt comfortable to hatch inspiration.

    Me gusta


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