Memory, Truth and Justice

On March 24, we commemorate in Argentina the Day of Memory for Truth and Justice. It is a national holiday to remember the begging of the coup perpetrated by the military forces and some civil powers (1976-1983).
45 years after, on this special day, I still want to reflect on our history, reaffirming the commitment to work for a better society: where solidarity, respect for the diversity of ideas and peace always be our common horizon, not only in my country but globally.

This is a digital producción of a popular song about this commemoration, that I want to share with you:
The Memory by León Gieco.

These are the lyric translated;

Old loves that are no longer here,
the hope of those who lost,
all the promises that go away,
and those who fell in any war

All is kept in memory
dream of life and history.

The deception and complicity
of the genocidaires who are free,
the pardon and the punto final
to the beasts of that hell.

All is kept in memory
dream of life and history.

Memory awakes to injure
the sleeping people
that don’t let it live
free like the wind

The disappeared that we look for
with the color of their births,
hunger and abundance that come together
mistreatment with its bad memories.

All is nailed into memory,
thorn of life and history.

Two thousand would eat for a year
with what a military minute costs.
How many would stop being slaves
for the price of a bomb thrown to the sea.

All is kept in memory
dream of life and history.

Memory stabs until it bleeds
the peoples that tie it
and don’t let it go
free like the wind.

Publicado por Spanish Teacher *BA Arg

I´m a teaching professor and a literacy specialist in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2 comentarios sobre “Memory, Truth and Justice

  1. Thank you for sharing this commutation. I love the song and find the tone, the video, and the lyrics haunting. I vaguely recall following the news from Argentina in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I’m sort of a borderline pacifist and do not support my own country’s military escalation and warmongering. We have so many pressing needs that get ignored to build up weapons stockpiles.

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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