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Write, Live and Teach

This is a work in progress, a real challenge for me.

I’m trying to improve my English writing skills one day at a time!!

In March, I participated in the SOLSC 2021 (Slice of Life Story Challenge) host by Two Writing Teachers Blog. It’s an amazing experience about being part of a true writing community.

… Then I go on every Tuesday.

Recent posts

Zoom in and out

My students like Zoom’s breaking rooms. In the last classes that we have been having, they are joining with great enthusiasm to work on different reading and writing proposals and share in the breaking rooms what they interpreted and put together small group presentations. Every time I plan with more enthusiasm those meetings. Today isSigue leyendo “Zoom in and out”

20 Days till Winter

Today, I got vaccinated… It was a long time waiting. Since June, we are finally getting vaccinated at a good rate.I do not feel very well. But at the same time, I am hopeful for this collective way of getting out of this pandemic.

May, 25th

Today we celebrate in Argentina 211 years of the first national government. It is a very special day that we celebrate from a very young age at school. It is about the May Revolution and it is related to the first political organization of those born in this part of the American territory, who decidedSigue leyendo “May, 25th”

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