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Write, live and teach

This is a work in progress, a real challenge for me.

I’m trying to improve my English writing skills one day at a time!!

In March, I participated in the SOLSC 2021 (Slice of Life Story Challenge) host by Two Writing Teachers Blog. It’s an amazing experience about being part of a true writing community.

… Then I go on every Tuesday.

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Zoom, My Next Stop

Continuing with this journey, as a teacher and parent, it looks like Zoom is the new stop for the months ahead. While there is a debate in my country, about whether or not it’s mandatory to close schools buildings, in a colossal outbreak of contagion. Once again, we are being put to a test asSigue leyendo “Zoom, My Next Stop”

When You Let Go

Today, I saw some presentations from colleagues, teacher trainers, that until last year I coordinated. On the one hand, I have nostalgia for shared work, but also a lot of pride because they can move forward with excellence within a very complex context to carry out the task of continuing to train teachers in service.Sigue leyendo “When You Let Go”

The departure

Today, I start this new challenge: Write a part of my life every Tuesday. This year, I have the purpose to do things more mindfully so I tried to put this in action wherever I can. Last night, I had my first zoom at the Institute. I teach at a “Higher Normal School”, it isSigue leyendo “The departure”

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